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In other words, if we're looking at commodities which are inputs to
production, their use-value from the point of view of the capitalist is
quantitative--their ability to add value to the product.
At 16:57 16/10/00 GMT, you wrote:
>Michael P wrote in [OPE-L:4112]:
>> Use value is specific, regardless of the context.  A horse and
>> buggy can still move you from point A to point B.  An old computer > can
still do what it did before the newer models appeared.
>If one compares the use-value of the old technology (now rendered
obsolete) to the use-value of the new technology one does indeed see a
decrease in use-value. I.e. its *relative use-value* (am I coining a new
term?) has decreased. This decrease in relative use-value then leads to a
decrease in exchange-value and value for the older, less efficient
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