[OPE-L:4139] Re: Ingrao & Lippi

From: riccardo bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 09:51:44 EDT

At 20:45 +0100 16-10-2000, Alejandro Ramos wrote:
>Re Rakesh #4117:
>>...have almost finished a fascinating book by Bruna Ingrao and Giorgio
>>Israel, The Invisible Hand: Economic Equilibrium in the History of
>I recall Marco Lippi thanking Bruna Ingrao in the preface of his book Value
>and Naturalism in Marx, I think even in terms of acknowledging that the
>book was almost a joint work.
>As, at that time, Lippi was, as far as I remember, a kind of "militant
>simultaneist", it might be interesting to know what is Ingrao present
>position regarding this matters.
>Does she say something about the 70s debates?
>Riccardo may also know about this.
>Alejandro R.

I guess that "militant simultaneist" may be interpreted here as a
pro-Sraffian Marxist. May I suggest that there may be "simultaneists" who
are not Sraffian?

I met Bruna Ingrao a few years ago. My impression was that she is not
interested in these debates anymore. The same may be said for a Marxian
anti-Sraffa Italian economist of the '70s, Marina Bianchi, who wrote a
wonderful book on The Classics and Marx on the theory of value, and now
writes on methodological issues.


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