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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 12:36:02 EDT

Use value is specific, regardless of the context.  A horse and buggy can
still move you from point A to point B.  An old computer can still do what
it did before the newer models appeared.

Doing math on an abacus might be unprofitable, but it is still doing what
was done when the abacus was high tech.

> Re Michael P's [OPE-L:4096]:
> > Depreciation can exist without affecting use value.  
> > Tech. change can make a machine obsolute without affecting 
> > use value.
> Can you give us an example of this? It seems to me that the process
> of technical change whereby machinery is rendered obsolete 
> necessarily leads to a dimunition in use-value and then (i.e. hence)
> exchange-value and value. Indeed, this loss in value due to the loss
> in use-value is central to the meaning of depreciation whether the 
> loss in use-value is caused by physical wear and tear or social 
> ("moral") factors such as technical change in the development of 
> means of production.
> In solidarity, Jerry 
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