[OPE-L:4109] Re: [Re: Re: Re: Revaluation]

From: Jerry Levy (jerry_levy@usa.net)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 10:50:31 EDT

Re Michael P's [OPE-L:4096]:

> Depreciation can exist without affecting use value.  
> Tech. change can make a machine obsolute without affecting 
> use value.

Can you give us an example of this? It seems to me that the process
of technical change whereby machinery is rendered obsolete 
necessarily leads to a dimunition in use-value and then (i.e. hence)
exchange-value and value. Indeed, this loss in value due to the loss
in use-value is central to the meaning of depreciation whether the 
loss in use-value is caused by physical wear and tear or social 
("moral") factors such as technical change in the development of 
means of production.

In solidarity, Jerry 

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