[OPE-L:4010] Re: Re: TheTransformation Non-Problem and the Non-Transformation Problem

From: Tsoulfidis Lefteris (lefteris@uom.gr)
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 09:28:08 EDT

Andrew_Kliman wrote:

> In OPE-L 3968, Rakesh wrote:
> "Marx admits that the inputs have to be transformed into prices of
> production. He does not say that they have to be transformed into the
> SAME prices of production as the outputs."
> Excellent point!
> Do any of the proponents of simultaneism out there have any evidence
> to dispute this?

The above proposition ( that is approved by Kliman) I find it highly
problematic, to say the least, because it implies two systems of prices
of production one for inputs and another one for outputs and as a result
two average rates of profit. This cannot be true because it contradicts
the nature of capitalism, where there is a tendential equalization of the
profit rate. Furthermore, what is an input and what is an output is also
problematic because inputs are outputs and outputs are inputs at the same
time i.e. there is a single market for both inputs and outputs when the
economy is viewed as a totality. So either we have a single system of
prices of production or we simply do not have prices of production at
all. We just have prices without the equalization of the profit rate
which can be called whatever but prices of production.

Lefteris Tsoulfidis

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