[OPE-L:3966] Re: Re: Re: m in Marx's theory

From: Ajit Sinha (ajitsinha@lbsnaa.ernet.in)
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 07:43:05 EDT

Simon Mohun wrote:

> There are lots of empirical problems, and one needs a feel for plausible
> orders of magnitude. But ex post it's certainly possible to calculate time
> series of the value of money and its inverse. One might not have a theory
> of determination, but at least rough accounting measures are possible (ven
> if they still need more work!)


So what is your point Simon? I could determine a variable say k, which is a
ratio of the mass of moon to the mass of earth. But what is the point of it, is
my question. Cheers, ajit sinha

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