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From: Fred B. Moseley (fmoseley@mtholyoke.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 13:15:57 EDT

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On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Ajit Sinha wrote:

> I'm really sorry Fred if some of my remarks caused you hurt. I just got
> a bit too frustrated. I'm under so much of work load these days that I'm
> unable to make any progress on my research--and unfortunately nothing
> of all this has to do with Marx. When i got into a debate with you, I
> never thought it will take so much of my time. But in anycase, it's no
> excuse for hurting someone's feelings.

Ajit, it is not a matter of hurting my feelings. My feelings were not
hurt. Rather, my sense of mutually respectful, scholarly, and comradely
debate was offended (repeatedly). However, the tone of your last post
was much better, so maybe the gratuitous insults ("it looks like I am the
only one doing any thinking in this debate;" "so you have not read any of
the traditional literature on the transformation problem, right?" "so we
see that you only read Sraffa for the first time yesterday; "this is so
simple I can't believe I have to explain it to you;" etc.) are a thing of
the past. I hope so. Then the scholarly debate, which I think has been
pretty good despite it all, would be even better.

By the way, I certainly understand overwork, and the frustration that
comes from trying to keep up with an OPEL discussion, while teaching
courses (and all that goes along with that) and trying to keep my own
research projects going at the same. It seems to me that OPEL (and the
like) has increased the "intensity" of our labor. And also our
"productivity" (in terms of scholarly advances and better understandings,
especially from more continuous discussion). But at a cost sometimes to
our leisure and our sanity.

I also appreciate very much the time you have put into the discussion of
my interpretation of Marx's theory. I know this is not your own research,
which makes me doubly appreciative. I just don't appreciate the
unnecessary insults.

I look forward to further scholarly, comradely, and productive debate,
without the insults.


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