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From: Jerry Levy (jerry_levy@usa.net)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 11:01:27 EDT

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1) Like others, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Allin
for his (unpaid)work in managing our WWW archives.

2) The url for our archives is:


(One wonders what both Ricardo and Marx might have thought about our archives
being located at a "Ricardo" location. ... any thoughts?)

3) I think it is also appropriate to remember all of the work that
Iwao Kitamura did in setting-up the original WWW site. *If anyone has
any information about Iwao, please contact me*.

4) To refresh everyone's memory, we have a list rule against "flaming" (i.e.
personal abuse and insults).

5) It would be helpful if you include the OPE-L ID# of any posts that you are
responding to.

6) Please remember that we are a collaborative group and your participation in
discussions and decision-making is both desirable and expected.

7) For the time being, I can only access the Net at work. This will cut down
on my participation on the list for the time being. You can continue, however,
to use this address or <glevy@pratt.edu> to contact me.

8) A listing of current and former subscribers follows. If you want to get a
listing of e-mail addresses for our current members, send a message to
<listproc@galaxy.csuchico.edu" which reads (only): RECIPIENTS OPE-L

In solidarity, Jerry


       *** OUTLINE ON POLITICAL ECONOMY (OPE-L): 1995-2000 ***

Current subscribers:

Mariko Adachi (Japan) Michio Akama (Japan)
Samir Amin (Senegal) Chris Arthur (UK)
Alejandro Valle Baeza (Mexico) Riccardo Bellofiore (Italy)
Rakesh Bhandari (US) Andrew Brown (UK)
Paul Burkett (US) Antonio Callari (US)
Martha Campbell (US) Reinaldo Carcanholo (Brazil)
Francisco Paolo Cipolla (Brazil) Bill Cochrane (New Zealand)
Paul Cockshott (UK) Allin Cottrell (US)
Stephen Cullenberg (US) Massimo DeAngelis (UK)
Suzanne de Brunhoff (France) Maria de Lourdes Mollo (Brazil)
Hans Ehrbar (US) Anders Ekeland (Norway)
John R. Ernst (US) Duncan Foley (US)
Alan Freeman (UK) Claus Magno Germer (Brazil)
Paolo Giussani (Italy) John Holloway (Mexico)
Ian Hunt (Australia) Makoto Itoh (Japan)
Seongjin Jeong (S. Korea) Nam-Hoon Kang (S. Korea)
Steve Keen (Australia) Iwao Kitamura (Japan)
Andrew Kliman (US) David Kristjanson-Gural (US)
Costas Lapavitsas (Greece) Michael A. Lebowitz (Canada)
Chai-on Lee (S. Korea) Jerry Levy (US)
Eduardo Maldonado-Filho (Brazil) Abelardo Flores Marina (Mexico)
Patrick Mason (US) Akira Matsumoto (Japan)
Stavros Mavroudeas (Greece) Terrence Mc Donough (Ireland)
Ted McGlone (US) Ryu Dong-Min (S. Korea)
Simon Mohun (UK) Fred Moseley (US)
Fanis Papadatos (Greece) Leda Maria Paulani (Brazil)
Michael Perelman (US) Nelson Pinto (Brazil)
Hugo Radice (UK) Alejandro Ramos (Belize)
Geert Reuten (Netherlands) Bruce Roberts (US)
Alfredo Saad Filho (UK) Catherine Samary (France)
Ernesto Screpanti (Italy) Anwar Shaikh (US)
Ajit Sinha (India) Gilbert Skillman (US)
Murray Smith (Canada) Tony Smith (US)
Nicola Taylor (Australia) Tony Tinker (US)
Andrew Trigg (UK) Persefoni Tsaliki (Greece)
Lefteris Tsoulfidis (Greece) Brendan Tuohy (New Zealand)
Philippe Van Parijs (Belgium) Julian Wells (UK)
Michael Williams (UK) Paul Zarembka (US)
Alan Zuege (Canada)
Former subscribers:

Jurriaan Bendien (Netherlands) Carole Biewener (US)
Guglielmo Carchedi (Netherlands) Jim Devine (US)
Gerard Dumenil (France) Heiner Ganssmann (Germany)
David Laibman (US) Dominique Levy (France)
Paul Mattick, Jr. (US) Bill Mitchell (Australia)
Michele Naples (US) Jim O'Connor (US)


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