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Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 10:56:22 EDT

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Alan Zuege, a member of the faculty at York University in Toronto, Canada is our newest subscriber.

Alan Z should be familiar to many of our listmembers. Indeed, the book he describes below that he is editing (_Phases of Capitalist Development_) will have chapters by current members Alan F and Makoto and former members Dominique, Gerard and Mino.

A summary of his current research and activities follows:


I teach at York University (Toronto, Canada) in the Department of
Political Science. My recent publications include a paper in
Socialist Register 2000 critiquing social democratic perspectives on the third way and other 'alternatives', and a piece in Monthly Review, 51(3), July/August, 1999 which surveys recent political and economic developments in European capitalism (the issue was made up of a number of such surveys). More relevant to the discussions on OPE-L perhaps is a book collection I've just finished editing which is entitled Phases of Capitalist Development, to be published
by Macmillan later this year. The essays, including many by your listmembers, provide alternative readings of the postwar boom and the current conjuncture based on different theories of value, growth and crisis. In addition to these areas, my research interests concern (roughly speaking) theories of technical change and the falling rate of profit (and competing approaches to crisis);
the role of competition and money in Marxist political economy; and
methodological questions of the relationship between abstract and concrete and forms of validation in Marx's theory.


Alan Zuege's e-mail address: daz@yorku.ca

btw1 (to Alan Z), if you have a table of contents for your book, please feel free to post it. I'm sure others would be interested.

btw2 (to others), have we ever really had a discussion about phases of capitalist development? If not, we should, imho.

Alan Z: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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