[OPE-L:3827] Aristotle and Marx

From: Alejandro Ramos (aramos@btl.net)
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 23:47:28 EDT

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>... it seems to me that Babbage, Richard
>Jones and Aristotle are presently the great unacknowledged influences on
>Marx (Geoffrey Kay has recently reminded us that Marx was the first to
>complete a translation of De Anima into German, which suggests that I may
>be right about the centrality of the form/matter and potentiae/actuality
>couplets in Marx's thinking).

Did you read the excellent book "Essentialism in the Thought of Karl Marx",
by Scott Meikle, 1985?

Meikle writes, for example: "The main argument of the book... shows the
fundamental place that essentialism and organicist categories (basically
Aristotelian) have in Marx's thought." (p. 5)

Alejandro Ramos

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