[OPE-L:3782] Re: Re: Revisiting the Unimportance of the TransformationProblem

From: Andrew_Kliman (Andrew_Kliman@email.msn.com)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 09:58:31 EDT

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I don't know whether Alejandro Ramos is able to read posts on this list

In addition to the IJPE publication, his paper -- or something very, very
similar -- has also published in the 1999 issue of _Beitraege zur
Marx-Engels Forschung_. Also, Alejandro presented the paper -- or
something very, very similar -- at the 1999 miniconference of the
International Working Group on Value Theory, and Chai-on and others
should thus be able to find it on the IWGVT's website:
www.gre.ac.uk/~fa03/iwgvt .

I agree with Paul -- it is a dynamite paper.

Andrew Kliman

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