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Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 03:22:19 EDT

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Thanks Rakesh,

I haven't read Grossman--one of the gaps in my education--and I am
interested in that issue. I'd be obliged if you could rattle off some
references, though if you can't I'll get around to searching them out
myself when I have time.

At 07:43 PM 8/21/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Re Steve's 3700
>>Just for the sake of clarity,
>>There are logical problems with your assumption Rakesh. First of all, you
>>assume we've all read the correspondence; secondly, you take a non-answer
>>for assent. You can definitely rule me out of the latter assumption (and I
>>expect Ajit)--because another potential response is to see the discourse as
>>irrelevant to our (very different) interpretations of Marx.
>You can indeed hide, Steve. And I thought Ajit was busy looking up the uses
>of the term cost price in Smith, Malthus, and Ricardo.I didn't know Ajit
>considered the question of whether Marx committed a logical error
>irrelevant. I know almost everyone thinks Marx did mess up the
>transformation (so much so that it's not even allowed to reprint Marx's
>tableau in introductions to his work). But I don't think so. So lay out for
>me how and why Marx did make this error. At any rate, I know few, if any,
>agree with me. I was being deliberatively provocative so at least I could
>have some criticisms to think about as I must finish with this discussion.
>>But as for the general issue of Sweezy misreading Marx, you have complete
>>agreement from me. After all, he was the author through which most Marxists
>>"learnt" that use-value plays no role in political economy, when precisely
>>the opposite proposition can be found in Marx's own writings--including
>>those which Sweezy himself read.
>Steve, you might know that Grossmann was the first to reintroduce the use
>value aspects of Marx's theory in both his magnum opus and his dynamics
>book. In retinroducing use value Rosdolsky is as he often does drawing from
>Grossmann, though I think you credit Rosdolsky in your written work for
>reviving the role of use value in Marx's work. Do note that Grossmann is
>interested in use value in terms of the impossibility of maintaining both
>technical (use value) and value equilibrium simultaneously. So he's
>interested in different use value aspects than you.
>All the best, Rakesh
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