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From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@Princeton.EDU)
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 14:52:11 EDT

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>This is a comment on the discussion on "cost price".
>John E. is correct: Marx used the term "cost price" with two different
>meanings in Theories of Surplus Value (TSV)

I am wrong. I should not have turned to TSVIII but TSVII, p. 175:

"Although these diffrences have nothing to do with the values as such, they
do, through their varying effects on profits in the different sphere, give
rise to average prices, or ,as we shall call them COST PRICES which are
different from the values themselves and not directly determined by the
values of commodities but by the capital advanced for their production
plus the average profit."

Marx would later use the term price of production for cost price as defined
here and use cost price only for the capital advanced. To the extent that
Marx is engaged here in an immanent critique of Ricardo, he has not
developed the meaning of concepts as they are determined in his own
positive theory. I still think there should have been no doubt that I was
referring to cost price as Marx defined the term in Capital 3.

But my apologies to John. I should have remember what you were referring to
and my memory took me to another part of TSV.

All the best, Rakesh

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