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From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@Princeton.EDU)
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 18:23:51 EDT

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In contrast, the "new solution" guarantees the result by its normalization
condition. No other approach, alas including Fred's as far as I can tell,
avoids the dilemma that the result is either a simple tautology or false in
general. It's also completely unnecessary to Marx's larger project in
Gil, please excuse me: what the h.. do you think Marx's larger project in
Capital is.

 Marx's value-price theory is clearly not primarily aimed at establishing
any kind of fundamental theorem which has ethical implications over which
Roemer, Sen, Cohen, Dworkin and other luminaries can ruminate ; rather it
attempts to exlain how the price system provides micro-incentives for the
kind of technical change that reduces the mass of surplus value vis-a-vis
accumulation requirements, resulting in seizures of the production system,
general crises and opportunities for both revolutionary transformation and
violent counter-revolutions. It makes sense of capitalism's actual bloody
and catastrophic history and its future. There is no mechanical transition
to socialism. This is what is lost if we dispense with Marx's value price
theory for your advanced linear algebra. And it is what the Marxist
tradition has lost by not attending to Grossmann, Wm J Blake, Bernice
Shoul, Mattick and others.

 All the best, Rakesh

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