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From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@Princeton.EDU)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 10:47:47 EDT

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>Re Paul C's 3459

>I think that you are confusing value with exchange value here. To operate
>effectively as an exchange value it must be sold, but it has value
>of being sold. Value and exchange value are not the same thing. Exchange
>value is the form of representation of value to the economic agents, but is
>not itself value.

Well, I emphasize distinction between value and price because even upon
measurement of commodities there is no good clasical knowlege that comes of
it. Wavefunctions collapse into measurements; values remain unknown even
after price measurement (some of the reasons why have already been
elucidated by Michael P).

Yours, Rakesh

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