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From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@Princeton.EDU)
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 16:56:05 EDT

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Paul C wrote:

>I dont thing much is to be gained at the level of theoretical understanding
>at the vague analogies that you are making. The problem is that these
>do not distinguish between subjective uncertainty about prices and the
>objective superposition that exists in quantum theory.

Your advice that I not underestimate the rigorous theoretical labor needed
to pursue this analogy is much appreciated (I don't think this other book
for the tyro on my desk Omnes Quantum Philosophy will get me any where near
where I'll have to be). Please do note that I have not referred to the
subjective uncertainty of *prices* but that *value* and *abstract labor*
themselves--the so called underlying physical realities--remain undefined
except in relation to a system of prices. Moreover, I follow Mattick Jr
(personal correspondence) in his radical rejection of the idea that value
can ever be measured (or operationalized). In quantum mechanics a
probability wave does collapse into a measurement; with value only an
ultimately unmeasurable quantity (in large part due to the 'distortions' of
the credit system) is defined by the sale of a good at a price.
Yours, Rakesh

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