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From: David Laibman <SCSJJ@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 15:46:47 EDT
Subject: Please forward

Hi Jerry,
    Please forward the following to OPE. Thnx.
Dear OPE comrades,
     I want to let everyone know that I am dropping off the list
for a while. Not a criticism; it's just that the amount of
material is overwhelming me at the moment. Weeks go by during
which I can only delete all the files without reading; then
when I have a patch of time to devote to it, I am entering a
conversation already in progress, and frustrated for that
reason. I don't know if my other commitments (work; family;
eating and sleeping) are more onerous than other people's,
or if I am just a slow reader!
   I would like to participate at some point in the "simple
commodity" and "starting point" threads; try to answer Fred's
questions to me, and in general see if I can contribute to
sharpening the issues and advancing the discussion. But I
can't do this on the fly, and with final exams looming "on
the fly" is all that's available!
   I would ask that folks send me anything that they think
is particularly a propos. And don't forget *Science &
Society,* which is one place where some of the discussions
might find a permanent (and public) home.
    Best to all,

      o/^^^^^) o !
      / / /^^) / /^^! /^^)
    o(_____/_(_ /(/ / !_(_ /!_
     David Laibman
     Editor, Science & Society
     John Jay College, Rm. 4331
     445 West 59th Street
     New York NY 10019
     Voice/FAX: 212/246-4932

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