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From: JERRY LEVY (jlevy@sescva.esc.edu)
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 10:59:27 EDT

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Re part of Paul Z's [OPE-L:3231]:

Your remark on Rubel's interpretation of the ending of Volume 1
was interesting and has made me re-think parts of my comments to
Andrew K.

Clearly, the expression "the expropriators are expropriated" is
*near* the end of Volume 1 -- although this does not by itself
establish that it is the culmination of Volume 1. Still less
does it establish that it is the culmination of _Capital_ which
was quite literally Andrew's claim.

In briefly looking over Ch. XXXII ("Historical Tendency of
Capitalist Accumulation") now, a couple of other issues
related to other threads are raised. E.g. there is a discussion
of private property as it relates to the ownership and
non-ownership of the means of production that has a bearing
on other recent threads. And there are sections that read very
much like the "mechanistic" stages approach in the "Preface"
to the _Contribution..._ (e.g. "At a certain stage of
development it brings forth the material agencies for its own
dissolution. From that moment new forces and new passions
spring up in the bosom of society; but the old social
organization fetters them and keeps them down. It must be
annihilated; it is annihilated") that Alfredo raised the
other day. To what extent does this perspective (including the
paragraph that ends with "The expropriators are expropriated")
differ from the summary of his method that Marx presented in
the "Preface" to the _Contribution ....?

In solidarity, Jerry

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