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Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 09:02:49 EDT

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Ajit's three main questions in 3119, directed to Rakesh,

>What is *value*?
>On what ground you know that "they [value] have to be modes of expression of
same undifferentiated human labor"?
>you need to tell us how do you measure it {value} before you start telling
us about its rise or fall.

are not new, and Marx answered all of them in his well known letter to
Kugelmann (July 11 1868) and in the first lines of his Notes on Wagner, as
Ajit surely knows. Marx' answers may be rejected as being insufficient or
wrong, but this is no reason to keep repeating the same questions as the
answers will inevitably be repeated too. Maybe this calls for shifting the
debate or moving on to something else.


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