[OPE-L:3117] Re: SIEBER is at British Library under Ziber, N. for those interested!

From: Paul Cockshott (wpc@dcs.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 06:12:04 EDT

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At 11:11 10/05/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Recall the favorable references by Marx to the non-Hegelian, Russian
>political economist N. Sieber. I found both the original 1871 editon of
>his work and later editions at the British Library (not British Museum)
>in London under N. Ziber. Everything is in Russian.

In that case you may well be using the original copy that
Marx refered to himself in the British Museum, as the British
Library is the renamed and rebuilt British Museum Library.

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