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From: Steve Keen (stevekeen10@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 05:31:29 EDT

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I'd have to say that both reasons are crucial Andrew. There are many people
who don't count as counter-revolutionaries who disagree with what
revolutionaries read as Marx. I'm one of them. I base my position on a very
thorough reading of his economic works, and yet I disagree on their
interpretation with people who have made an equally extensive reading.


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>Subject: [OPE-L:3091] Re: Jerry, Don't be Aghast!!!
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>Steve Keen wrote
>"Unfortunately, what also set Marx apart was the lack of a good editor,
>which is why we're still debating what his analytic system was 130 years
>Beg to disagree. We're still debating because Marx's work is a powerful
>weapon in the struggle for human freedom, and it is crucial to the
>counterrevolution that it be rejected, truncated, revised, subsumed
>into other doctrines, etc.
>Andrew Kliman

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