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From: nicola taylor (nmtaylor@carmen.murdoch.edu.au)
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 16:52:30 EDT

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Paul, you've missed the point (contained in the "why" question where I
state that Zimbabweans ARE in favour of land reform): also, see my replies
to Rakesh (ope-l:3009, 3014). My original purpose was to raise awareness
of Mugabe's *misuse* of a popular demand for land reform to justification
bringing in the broad powers rejected at the referendum. He is now ruling
the country by Presidential Decree (Parliament suspended April 11).
comradely, Nicky

>nicola taylor wrote:
>> The petition makes reference to the rule of Law, because Mugabe held a
>> referendum in February asking the people of Zimbabwe to support the seizure
>> of land from commercial farmers. The result of that referendum was a
>> resounding NO vote. Why, when land reform is a critical issue supported by
>> everyone?
>The referndum was a composite that included farm reform along with other
>constitutional changes which would have strengthened Mugabes position.
>The fact that it was thrown out does not indicate that people were against
>the farm reform part, but that they were against the other parts.

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