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Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 01:25:49 EDT

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From: Hamid Zangeneh <Hamid.Zangeneh@widener.edu>
To: Zangeneh, Hamid <Hamid.Zangeneh@widener.edu>
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2000 7:54 PM
Subject: first round signatories of the appeal

: Please send this appeal to all your friends and colleagues in
: institutions of higher education
: so they would have an opportunity to express their opinions as well.
: Thanks
: As concerned scholars and human rights advocates, we feel
: compelled to express our concern about the recent rackdown on the
: pro-democracy and reform movement in Iran. We appeal to the world
: community and call on all international human rights organizations,
: non-governmental as well as governmental bodies, including the United
: Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, as well as
: individuals who are supportive of democracy, human rights, and civil
: society to protest the most recent repression of reform and reformers
: Iran.
: An overwhelming majority of the Iranian people have
: their support for democracy and reform through three national elections
: in Iran: the Presidential election in May 1997, the municipal elections
: in February 1999, and the parliamentary elections in February 2000. The
: ruling minority, however, has been resisting the will of the majority
: violent and repressive means and by finally resorting to a coup-like
: plot through various overt and covert actions including the following:
: * The partial annulment of the results of the people's parliamentary
: elections;
: * The closing of 16 pro-reform daily or weekly publications since
: April 23rd.
: * The arrest of several pro-reform journalists, including Mr. Akbar
: Ganji, Mr. Latif Safari, and Mr. Mashallah Shamsol Vaezin, and two
: prominent advocates of human/women rights, Ms. Shahla Lahiji,
: director of a publishing house, and Ms. Mehrangiz Kar, lawyer and
: writer, and Ali Afshari, a leader of a major student organization;
: * Public threats of death and violent repression against the
: pro-democracy activists issued by some of the commanders of the
: Revolutionary Guards;
: * Public calls for the murder of reformers by clerics like Abolqasem
: Khazali;
: * The secret trial of 13 Iranian Jews on charges of espionage;
: Meanwhile hundreds of pro-democracy activists and students have been
: held in prisons since the July 1999 violent invasion of universities by
: vigilantes and security forces. The case of serial killers, a great
: threat to the intellectual community as well as to civility and
: individual liberties for all Iranians, remains unresolved. Prisoners of
: conscience like Mr. Abbas Amir-Entezam, former Deputy Prime-Minster who
: enters his 20th year of imprisonment, and reform-minded clerics like
: Abdollah Nuri and Mohsen Kadivar have not been released. We urge the
: authorities in Iran to respect the wishes of the majority, the rule of
: law and human and basic civil rights, release journalists, writers, and
: all other prisoners of conscience.
: Gelareh Abedi (University of Califronia, Los Angeles, USA)
: Janet Afary (Purdue University, Indiana, USA)
: Kazem Alamdari (California State University, Los Angeles, USA)
: Abbas Alnasrawi (University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, USA)
: USAJane Bayes (California State University, Northridge, USA)
: Sohrab Behdad (Denison University, Granville, Ohio,USA)
: Cyrus Bina, (California State University, Fullerton, USA)
: Kamran M. Dadkhah, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
: Khalil Dokhanchi (University of Wisconsin-Superior, Superior, WI, USA)
: Goudarz Eghtedari (Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA)
: Abdolreza Eshghi (Bentley College, Massachusetts, USA)
: John Foran (University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
: Marta-Lopez Garza (Califronia State University, Northridge, USA)
: Elham Gheytanchi (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
: Mark J. Goodman (Atkinson College, York University Toronto, Ontario,
: Canada)
: Sondra Hale (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
: Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)
: Ali Akbar Mahdi (Ohio Weslyan University, Ohio, CA)
: Valentine Moghadam (Illinois State University, Normal, USA)
: Ali Mohammadi (Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, Great Britain)
: Mohamad Navab (UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, USA)
: Saeed Rahnema (York University, Toronto, Canada)
: D Rahni (Pace University, New York, USA)
: Eliz Sanasarian (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)
: Elizabeth Say (California State University, Northridge, USA)
: Mehrab Sedeh (Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
: Sepideh Sheikhavandi (University of California, Los Angeles,
: USA)
: Layla Tadjpour
: Nayereh Tohidi (California State University, Northridge, USA)
: Hamid Zangeneh ( Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA)
: To add your name please send us the following:
: Your Full Name, Title, University or College, City, State, Country
: --
: Hamid Zangeneh, Ph.D.
: Professor of Economics
: Widener University
: One University Place
: Chester, Pennsylvania 19013
: United States
: Email: Hamid.Zangeneh@Widener.Edu
: http://www.muse.widener.edu/~hxz0001/index.htm
: Tel.: 610-499-1140 Fax : 610-499-4614

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