[OPE-L:2979] Greenwich seminars in Critical Political Economy

From: Alan Freeman (a.freeman@greenwich.ac.uk)
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 11:18:43 EDT

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Greenwich University seminars in Critical Political Economy restart on
Thursday 11th May, at the usual time of 5.30 and the usual location of room
138, Queen Anne Court, Maritime Campus, Greenwich University.

The provisional list of speakers and titles is attached, and is appended to
this message as a text file. It can also be accessed on
www.greenwich.ac.uk/~fa03/cpe where you will also find transport details.
Not all papers are yet available as downloadable papers; these will be
updated as they arrive.

There will be no seminar on 4th May to avoid a clash with Marcel and
Christina's seminar on Postone, which is at 7pm in the Council Room,
Birkbeck College.

Provisional list of topics and speakers:

May 11, 2000 Jan Toporowski, South Bank University Why Economics was too
important to leave to the Economists: Kalecki on planning and technocracy

May 18th, 2000 Professor Grazia Ietto-Gillies, South Bank University What
Role for Multinationals in the New Theories of International Trade and

May 25th, 2000 Professor Takeshi Nakatani, University of Kobe and visiting
Professor at the University of Greenwich What's wrong with the Japanese
Economy? Structural problems and the Current Crisis.

(June 1st: no seminar currently scheduled)

June 8th, 2000 Claude Sumata, School of Oriental and Africa Studies* Should
the Informal Sector be Considered in Less-Developed-Country Economic Policy?

June 15th, 2000 David Palmer* Information and Communication Technology and
the US Economy: 'New Paradigm' or speculative bubble?

* Date to be confirmed

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