[OPE-L:2974] clarifications

From: JERRY LEVY (jlevy@sescva.esc.edu)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 17:59:32 EDT

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A couple of clarifications:

1) At the end of [OPE-L:2921], Andrew K wrote that his paper from
   September, 99 can be downloaded from the "~ikita" site (i.e. the
   archives set-up by Iwao Kitamura). That is not accurate -- the
   ~ikita site only has posts up to about 9/8. However, the good
   news is that Andrew's paper can be obtained from the archives
   maintained by Allin. Go to:


2) In his more recent post dated today Andrew suggested that OPE-L
   is a "PRIVATE e-mail list". While I understand the point he
   is trying to make and even have some sympathy for it, this
   statement is misleading. We are a "closed" list -- in contrast
   to a "Open" list. This is different from the public vs.
   private dichotomy and has to do with whether anyone can join
   a list by sending a "subscription" command.

   While subscriptions to OPE-L are not automatically open to
   everyone from the public, we are a *collaborative group*
   rather than a "private" group. AS such, any decisions that
   I make as "co-ordinator" can be over-ruled by a majority
   on this list. Furthermore, if there is dis-satisfaction with
   my performance that I can be asked to step-down and I would
   be honor-bound to do so if that is the desire of the list.
   In any event, we are not a "private" e-mail list (and, btw,
   all e-mail lists -- open and closed -- have an "owner"
   or "owners" to deal with technical problems such as "error

3) The archives are entirely open to the public if one agrees
   to adhere to the archives policy -- which is explained prior
   to entering the archives. As all will recall, the process
   that led to moving from a for-members-only archives to the
   current arrangement was slow and awkward -- as is often
  the case with collaborative, rather than private,

In solidarity, Jerry

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