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From: riccardo bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
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well, my answer is the same as Colletti in the last chapter of Marxism and
Hegel, so why you don't understand it? Look at the last three pages: Hegel
is there. Do you want to call it category mistake? Then, capitalism is a
category mistake. Do you suggest philosophy, or psychoanalitic treatment,
is better than social revolution? May be, but I doubt that was Marx's


P.S.: BTW, an answer to your three questions would require three books.

At 16:23 +0100 29-04-2000, bhandari@Princeton.EDU (Rakesh Bhandari
(bhandari@Princeton.ED wrote:
>Dear Riccardo,
>Well I feared that my points could not be followed, so please allow me to
>throw the question back at you.
>1. How are money, value and capital category mistakes?
>2. How do they shape social laws?
>3. What does this have to do with Hegel?
>At the simplest level, I am saying that as I understand Marx, he is
>demonstrating that as long as we subjected ourselves to money driven
>behavior and thereby allowed our social labor to be regulated by things, we
>would be caught up in all kinds of nonsense and absurdities, which would
>take painstaking philosophical analysis to uncover though not abolish.
>Yours, Rakesh
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>>If someone asks to see the university and then after being shown the
>>biology, history, physics, etc departments still asks to be shown the the
>>university, we understand the obvious category mistake.
>Rakesh, I don't follow you very much. This may be a category mistake. The
>problem is that money actually exists, value actually exists, capital
>actually exists, and that this category mistakes actually shapes our lives
>defining the law of economic and social reproduction. Has this nothing to
>do with Hegel?
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