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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 03:35:14 EDT

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I don't doubt that many of the ZANU-PF, from Mugabe downwards, are
unpleasant thugs and kleptocrats, nor that many in the opposition are people
with impeccable credentials from the war of liberation....

...BUT this clause 1 of this petition makes it essentially a petition
against the right to dispossess not only capitalists in general but in
particular the settlers who sustained a racist dictatorship.

Since the petition makes by implication favourable reference to the rule of
law, it should be recalled that white rule in Rhodesia was sustained by
armed rebellion against a democratically-elected government (that of the

Most of what the petition coyly refers to as "commercial farmers" in fact
deserve to be hung as traitors, and numbers of them will have war records
that would probably still be vulnerable to charges of crimes against


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> The current situation in Zimbabwe is critical. After 20 years in power,
> the
> Mugabe Government is faced with widespread opposition from within the
> workers movement and other sections of Zimbabwean civil society, united
> under the banner of the Movement for Democratic Change. The recent spate
> of
> "Farm Invasions" is an open abuse of the rule of law, and is intended to
> divert attention away from the political and economic abuses of the ruling
> ZANU-PF party before the election. Indeed, there is a very real danger
> that
> Mugabe will not allow an election to take place at all, and may use
> 'Emergency Powers' legislation to justify increasing violence against
> workers, farmers and his political opponents. The position taken by
> front-line states (especially South Africa) will be a deciding factor in
> any decision by the Mugabe government to attempt to derail the process of
> political change. I urge you to petition the South African government, on
> behalf of FRIENDS OF ZIMBABWE. Please also forward the petition to your
> friends and associates,
> comradely,
> Nicky
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> >Please lend your support by copying and pasting this e-mail (including
> these instructions), adding your name to the list below and then sending
> the e-mail on to all the people you know. The 100th recipient is to please
> send a copy to the President's Office at president@po.gov.za
> >mailto:president@po.gov.za> and a copy to
> >savezim@saol.com <mailto:savezim@saol.com> after sending the
> >petition on to others. The 101st person to start a new list and so on.
> Keep it tidy by omitting unnecessary headers and footers.
> >
> >
> >
> We note with concern recent events in Zimbabwe and with even greater
> concern the ominous silence of the South African Government in the face of
> gross injustice.
> >
> We hereby petition you :
> >
> 1. To unreservedly and unconditionally condemn the forced removals of
> commercial farmers by ZANU PF and Mugabe government agents;
> 2. To unreservedly and unconditionally condemn the mindless attacks by
> PF and Mugabe Government agents on peaceful and unarmed demonstrators;
> 3. To unreservedly and unconditionally condemn the failure by the
> Mugabe Government to uphold the rule of law and democracy in Zimbabwe;
> 4. To withhold all assistance to the Mugabe government unless and until
> Mugabe restores the rule of law and holds free and fair elections;
> 5. To investigate, lobby for and implement possible sanctions against the
> Mugabe government pending the restoration of law and order, the release of
> political detainees and the holding of free and fair elections.
> >
> >
> >1. I Esat, Durban
> >2. A J Pike, Durban
> >3. A Donnelly, Durban
> >4. S Chetwynd-Palmer, Durban
> >5. Q Van der Merwe, Durban
> >6. B Saunders, Durban
> >7. M Reeves,Durban
> >8. S Coyne, Durban
> >9. K Lancaster, London
> >10. Ewen Cameron, London
> >11. Tremayne Parvin, London
> >12. M Tripp, London
> >13. J. Mostyn, Vancouver,Canada
> >14. N. Taylor, Australia
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