[OPE-L:2910] Re: Re: starting point and capital

From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@Princeton.EDU)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 14:02:05 EDT

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Dear Fred,
Re: sect1 of Chap 1 on the value of commodities, "i.e., objectified social
labor which is the common propery of commodities that determines their
exchange value."
I don't see how this could be Marx's point here since he has already ruled
out non reproducible commodities at the beginning of his investigation,
i.e., he already built into his definition of capitalist commodities that
they share the property of being objectified social labor. Nor do I see how
Marx has proven, instead of simply assumed, here that social labor
determines exchange value, i.e., he seems not at all to be interested in
the mechanisms of price theory here. Rather Marx seems interested in
(fetishistic) properties with which commodities and money in particular
must be invested and the metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties,
i.e., logical mysticism or category mistakes, to which we must submit
(i.e., we must be practicing animists) if it is through things that our
social labor is organized.
Yours, Rakesh

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