[OPE-L:2849] Re: Market price of Capital

From: Allin Cottrell (cottrell@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 14:33:16 EDT

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On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Gerald Levy wrote:

> Makoto wrote in [OPE-L:2843]:
> > This is a mail for a pause to relax. Does anyone know or remember
> > recent past market price(s) of Capital, not of Penguin edition, but the
> > first 1867 German edition to sell or to buy in a book market around you?
> > In a catalogue of a Japnese bookshop, four volumes of the first German
> > edition of Das Kapital vol.1-3, 1867-94, vol.3 is in two volumes) is
> > priced 2,850,000 yen (about 106 yen = 1 US dollar).
> Something is wrong with these figures since it would
> literally mean that, using the exchange rate suggested
> above, the set should sell in the US for approximately
> $26,887 (which is a figure somewhat greater than the total
> annual income for the majority of families in the US)!

Median family income in the US is over $56,000. But anyway, I
can believe you might pay that amount for a first edition of

Allin Cottrell.

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