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From: C. J. Arthur (cjarthur@pavilion.co.uk)
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 10:08:19 EDT

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Dear makoto
While no expert I know prices for rare books are often stunning. A word of
warning. If that Manifesto is in 30 pages it is not the first edition. The
first edition was 24pp. This is the second edition disguised as the first
edition and there is some controversy as to its date. Originally it was
thought to be April 1848 but new scholarship suggests up to three years
Chris A

>Dear Friends;
>I am reading the OPE-L communications with a lot of interest, though
>unfortunately having not enough time to participate. Otherwise, I may have
>many things to say on the recent topics, as some of you would guess.
>This is a mail for a pause to relax. Does anyone know or remember recent
>past market price(s) of Capital, not of Penguin edition, but the first
>1867 German edition to sell or to buy in a book market around you? In a
>catalogue of a Japnese bookshop, four volumes of the first German edition
>of Das Kapital vol.1-3, 1867-94, vol.3 is in two volumes) is priced
>2,850,000 yen (about 106 yen = 1 US dollar). In the same catalogue, the
>first German edition of Manifest der Kommunistisches Partei of 30 pages is
>priced 8,500,000 yen! While I feel somhow proud of these, I wonder if the
>prices are not fairly competitive in a global market(?!). Are they not
>amazing? How do you feel?

P. S. Please note that I have a new Email address,
but the old one will also run until the summer. (To be doubly sure load both!)

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