[OPE-L:2843] Market price of Cpital

From: makoto itoh (mktitoh@kokugakuin.ac.jp)
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 06:35:21 EDT

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Dear Friends;

I am reading the OPE-L communications with a lot of interest, though unfortunately having not enough time to participate. Otherwise, I may have many things to say on the recent topics, as some of you would guess.
This is a mail for a pause to relax. Does anyone know or remember recent past market price(s) of Capital, not of Penguin edition, but the first 1867 German edition to sell or to buy in a book market around you? In a catalogue of a Japnese bookshop, four volumes of the first German edition of Das Kapital vol.1-3, 1867-94, vol.3 is in two volumes) is priced 2,850,000 yen (about 106 yen = 1 US dollar). In the same catalogue, the first German edition of Manifest der Kommunistisches Partei of 30 pages is priced 8,500,000 yen! While I feel somhow proud of these, I wonder if the prices are not fairly competitive in a global market(?!). Are they not amazing? How do you feel?


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