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From: Michael Williams (mike.williams@dmu.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 16:41:12 EDT

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Rakesh writes:

>If we think capital is a system in
> which presuppositions can be posited, then it's a closed system; its
> extension in space becomes impossible to undertand. The resort to
> Hegelianism here seems to me to be an excuse to hide from the world that
> capital is creating.

I would counter: If we think we can *think* capital without positing it as a
system in which presuppositions can be posited, *it* becomes impossible
(well, very difficult anyway) to understand.

Why can we not posit presuppositions in a dynamic, open system?

What indications do you have that Hegelian-Marxists (a highly disparate lot,
btw) a)want to hide from the world? or b) need to take seriously Hegel's
influence on Marx in order to bury their heads in the sand, even if that is
what they wanted to do?

This last para. has in it, of course, only rhetorical questions, 'cos I
assume Rakesh's last sentence was simply a gratuitous attempt to needle.
Perhaps he was bitten by a rabid Hegelian as a young lad?

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