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From: Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 12:43:03 EDT

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Re part of Fred's [OPE-L:2777]:

> 3. trying to explain the necessary connections between different aspects
> of capitalism.

>From my perspective, this (rather than critique of political economy
*alone*), is what determines the sequence of categories and subjects
presented. What one can learn from a reading of Hegel (or at least one of
the things I learned) is an understanding of the logical structure for a
systematic development of categories concerning the object realm that one
is examining. In this regard, I think I agree with the R-W emphasis on
"dialectical systematic theory".

One caveat to the above, though. As part of the process of presenting
what the "necessary connections" are, one must also separate out
necessary connections from contingent connections. Moreover, what is
viewed as "necessary" from one perspective (say, the perspective of
capital) might become contingent what it comes into conflict with an
opposing force.

But, I think *your comment once again brings us back to the
6-book-plan*. I.e. how can the "necessary connections between different
aspects of capitalism" be presented within the logical structure of
_Capital_ *alone*?

Of interest here is the following from Shorthall's _The Incomplete Marx_
(Avebury, 1994, p. 468):

   Hegel's Philosophy of Right Marx's Original Plan of Work

      III. Ethical Life:
           A. The Family
                                            Book on Capital
           B. Civil Society Book on Landed Property
                                            Book on Wage-Labour

           C. The State The State
              International Law International Trade

              World History The World Market and Crisis


Some might claim that the above is an uncanny coincidence. Uncanny it
certainly is, but I believe it not to be coincidence.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: Other than being released from the hospital, seeing that Martha
had sent her first post was the only bit of good news for me yesterday.
May it be the first of many!

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