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From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@acsu.buffalo.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 08:47:33 EDT

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>v.Weizsacker, CC (1971), "Steady State Capital Theory", Springer Verlag,
>Berlin, Heidelberg. This is based on his lectures in 1970/71 at the
>University of Heidlberg, and it seems it's the fundamental text to
>understand this little known attempt to "read Marx" (perhaps this was
>most to "read Sweezy... Okishio... Morishima") from the "Austrian" point
>of view carried out in the 70s.

I have this somewhere, if you cannot get it elsewhere.

>>And I take it that your Wolfstetter is the one in these, just retrieved from
>>the BL catalogue?:
>>Wert, Profitrate und Beschäftigung Aspekte der Marxschen und der
>>klassischen Wirtschaftstheorie
>>Elmar Wolfstetter. 1977
>>Die Marxsche Theorie und ihre Kritik eine Textsammlung zur Kritik der
>>Politischen Ökonomie
>>zusammengestellt und eingeleitet von Hans G. Nutzinger und Elmar
>>Wolfstetter. 1974

I think I have these also.

Elmar Wolfstetter used to be at my university (in fact, I had recruited
him) and was a good friend and he still works intermittently with one of
my colleagues Murray Brown.

I worked for a time with v. Weizsacker in Heidelberg and found him very
intelligent but coming out of the ruling class (his uncle, I think uncle,
is Richard v. Weizsacker, former President of Germany). Elmar started his
graduate career at Heidelberg with a very intense student-to-teacher
conflict with v. Weizsacker, but they both overcame it. Neither have any
interest any longer, that I know of, in Marx.

My copy of Althusser's *For Marx* was a gift from Elmar with a front cover
"To Paul, nevertheless". At that time it was he who was interested in
Althusser, not myself!

Paul Z.

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