[OPE-L:2772] Elmar Wolfstetter

From: Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 07:34:30 EDT

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Re Julian's [OPE-L:2749] and Alejandro R's [OPE-L:2450]:

Coincidentally, Elmar Wolfstetter sent me an e-mail on March 31. There was
some confusion -- he believed that I had inquired about one of his
articles on Marxian economics and I didn't recall such an inquiry. In any
event, I sent him the archives address and a list of who is on OPE-L and
suggested that if he was still interested in Marxian economics, he should
check-out our archives. I haven't heard from him since.

At the close of his e-mail there is the following which should prove
useful if you want to find out more about his work. I also have his
e-mail address which I will send to others upon request.

I've got to get off of the computer now ...

In solidarity, Jerry

Prof. Elmar Wolfstetter, Economics Dept., Humboldt-University at Berlin,
10178 Berlin, Spandauer Str. 1, Germany
tel:.(0049)-30-2093-5652/3 (office); -30-4012891 (home) fax:
Check out my new book: Elmar Wolfstetter. Topics in
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