[OPE-L:2749] "Austrians" reading Marx

From: P.J.Wells@open.ac.uk
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 15:01:57 EDT

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Hi Alejandro,

In your #2747 you say:

> >(iii) have you read Hicks on time and economics? Don't you think it may
> be
> >relevant for the topic under discussion?
> Let's say that I've "browsed" "Capital and Time". Sure, it'd be relevant
> for this topic. I browsed it when I was trying to make a research project
> on the "Austrian" readings of Marx, in particular the work of Weizsaecker
> and Wolfstetter, incredible interesting authors. Unfortunately, this takes
> time... and perhaps good friends who also want to take part in such
> adventures.
Is your Weizsacker the same as in the following ref.? I've had this pending
for ages, partly because of unavailing attempts to find a definite source
nearer than the Library of Congress (I can't seem to turn up any ref. to it
on the British Library catalogue, though presumably the BL must have it).

von Weizsacker, Carl Christian (1971). 'A new labor theory of value for
rational planning through use of the bourgeois profit rate'. Proceedings of
the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 68(6):

Do you have some other references for him?

And I take it that your Wolfstetter is the one in these, just retrieved from
the BL catalogue?:
Wert, Profitrate und Beschäftigung Aspekte der Marxschen und der
klassischen Wirtschaftstheorie
Elmar Wolfstetter. 1977
Die Marxsche Theorie und ihre Kritik eine Textsammlung zur Kritik der
Politischen Ökonomie
zusammengestellt und eingeleitet von Hans G. Nutzinger und Elmar
Wolfstetter. 1974

-- from which I take it that no English versions are available.



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