[OPE-L:2729] Re: Summary of Sieber by Andrzej Walicki

From: C. J. Arthur (cjarthur@pavilion.co.uk)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 17:39:33 EDT

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>Note that the direct transliteration from Russian to English below has his
>name as Ziber, not what we see in *Capital* and "Notes on Wagner": Sieber.
>Also, note that I could not find, in his 5-volume *Selected Works*, the
>Plekhanov article cited by Walicki.

A refrence to this is in SW1 p.835 citing the Russian Works Vol.1. The note
states it is from P's Narodnik period which seems odd if it favourably
cites Sieber. I presume it cited Sieber unfavourably but in the end P was
won over in spite of himself.

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