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Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 19:26:53 EST

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RETHINKING MARXISM announces its fourth
International Gala Conference


21-24 September (Thursday-Sunday) 2000
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

JOIN WITH Jack Amariglio, Enid Arvidson, Margot Backus, Carole Biewener,
Joseph Buttigieg, Antonio Callari, John Cammett, S. Charusheela, Stephen
Cullenberg, Angela Davis, Mike Davis, Gerard Dumenil, Gregory Elliot, Susan
Feiner, Benedetto Fontana, John Foster, Harriet Fraad, Rob Garnett, Norman
Geras, Katherine Gibson, Julie Graham, Michael Hardt, David Harvey,
Rosemary Hennessy, Peter Hitchcock, Noel Ignatiev, Susan Jahoda, Joel
Kovel, Amitava Kumar, Richard Levins, Dominique Levy, David Lloyd, Lisa
Lowe, Warren Montag, Bertell Ollman, Andrew Parker, Stephen Resnick, John
Roche, David Ruccio, David Shumway, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Darko
Suvin, Evan Watkins, Richard Wolff, Howard Zinn and many others in
celebrating the richness of contemporary Marxism and other liberation

There will be plenary sessions on Global (Dis)Orders, (Re)Turns to Class,
and (Re)Claiming Utopia, as well as a performance of Howard Zinn's
nationally acclaimed play, Marx in Soho.

(Deadline for proposal submission is 1 June 2000)

PURPOSE: The editors of RETHINKING MARXISM announce the fourth in its
series of international Gala conferences that aim to celebrate the richness
of contemporary Marxism in all its varieties. The prior three conferences,
each attended by well over one thousand persons from across the globe,
brought together a variety of Marxian and other liberation communities to
discuss, debate, and strategize about diverse theoretical and political

*In 1989, "Marxism Now: Traditions and Difference" created a forum where
new, heterogeneous directions in Marxism and the Left could be debated
after the breakup of orthodoxy.

*In 1992, "Marxism in the New World Order: Crises and Possibilities"
confronted directly the challenges--theoretical, organizational, and
spiritual--which faced the Left and Marxism as the new millennium neared.

*In 1996, "Politics and Languages of Contemporary Marxism" continued the
dialogue to open creative new spaces for political, cultural and scholarly
interventions in the face of global restructuring of social relations.

With the new millennium upon us, the editors of RETHINKING MARXISM intend
Marxism 2000" to explore and engender fresh insights and hopes, struggles
and pleasures, and to (re)claim utopian visions for just and humane global
alternatives. As Marxism's long first century draws to a close, we may
reflect back on its many successes and unfortunate failures. The history of
Marxism has certainly been contradictory, and we can learn from and embrace
the insights of the many Marxisms that have profoundly shaped the last 150
years. Today, as a new millennium dawns, familiar specters have now
ematerialized and capital is becoming increasingly global. New visions and
analyses beg for articulation. As we enter Marxism's next century, the Left
once again faces tremendous challenges and exciting opportunities. It is
time to take stock and move Marxism's future forward.

STRUCTURE: The conference will be held over four days, beginning at noon on
Thursday 21 September and ending in early afternoon on Sunday 24 September.
In addition to three plenary sessions and performance, there will be
concurrent panels and art/cultural events. We invite the submission of
pre-organized sessions that follow traditional or non-traditional formats
(such as workshops, roundtables, and dialogue among and between presenters
and audience). We encourage those working in areas that intersect with
Marxism, such as feminism, political economy, cultural and literary
studies, queer theory, working class and labor studies, postcolonial
studies, geography and urban studies, social and natural sciences,
philosophy, and around the issues of class, race, ethnicity, gender,
sexuality, and disability, to submit paper and panel proposals. We welcome
video, poetry, performance, and all other modes of presentation. Indeed, we
encourage paper or panel submissions from those working on any and all
subjects of interest for a world without exploitation and oppression.

LOGISTICS: The Conference will be held on the campus of the University of
Massachusetts at Amherst. Detailed information on lodging, travel
directions, and childcare will be provided to all conference registrants
and can also be found on our web site,
http://www.nd.edu/~remarx/Marxism2000/. For additional information on
childcare, please contact Cecilia Rio at mailto:rio@econs.umass.edu

PUBLICATIONS: Selected papers, poems, and other forms of presentation from
the conference will be published in RETHINKING MARXISM and/or in a separate
edited volume of contributions.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: A special introductory subscription rate to RETHINKING
MARXISM is available to conference participants @ $30 for four
issues--nearly 150ff the regular rate. Subscription requests and payments
can be sent along with conference registration fees to the address below.
This special introductory rate is available to new subscribers only.

REGISTRATION: Please use the registration form below, or download a form
from our website, http://www.nd.edu/~remarx/Marxism2000/. Note that the
address to which to send the completed form depends on whether you are also
submitting a proposal.

SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS: Proposals for papers, panels, and other forms of
presentation must be submitted by regular mail, not over email.

Proposals for papers should include:
*Paper title
*Presenter's name and contact information (mail, email, phone, fax)
*Brief (no more than 200 words) abstract

Proposals for panels should include:
*Panel title
*Name, contact information, and paper title for each presenter
*Brief (no more than 200 words) abstract explaining the panel's focus
*Names and contact information for any discussant(s) or respondent(s)
*Title, contact, and address for any sponsoring organization or journal

The appropriate registration fee must accompany all proposal submissions.
PREREGISTRATION FEE CANNOT BE CONSIDERED. Proposals which are not accepted
will have their preregistration fees returned in full. Send proposals to
the address listed on the registration form below.

The deadline for proposal submission is 1 June 2000.

VENDORS AND ADVERTISEMENTS: Literature tables and display areas are
available to groups, vendors, and publishers at reasonable rates. Ad space
in the conference program is also available at reasonable rates. All ads
must be camera ready. Please contact Marjolein van der Veen for more
information at mailto:mvanderv@wellesley.edu.



Please fill out the information below, print out the form, and mail it to
the appropriate address. Note that the address to which to send the
completed form depends on whether you are also submitting a proposal.




__________________________ ________________________________


Pre-Registration Rates:

______Full $60 (at Conference $70)
______Full, Low-Income $30 (at Conference $35)
______Two Days $45 (at Conference $55)
______Two Days, Low-Income $20 (at Conference $25)
______One Day $30 (at Conference $40)
______One Day, Low Income $10 (at Conference $15)


______Regular $30/year (special conference rate for new subs only)
______Regular $35/year (regular subscription rate for returning or
                         renewing subs)
______Student $20/year (please include copy of current ID)

Subscription mailing rates for non-U.S. subscribers:

______Surface: Regular $12/Students $7
______Air: Regular $22/Students $17

______Canadian orders add GST

______$ TOTAL

______Enclosed is my check made payable to AESA and drawn on a U.S. bank.

______Please charge my Visa or MasterCard:
         Card No: ________________________________
         Expiration Date: ________________________
         Signature: ______________________________

______If SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL for a paper or a panel, please mail to:

Marxism 2000
Department of Economics
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521 USA

______If NOT submitting a proposal, please mail to:

Rob Garnett
Department of Economics
Box 298510
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX 76129 USA
Stephen Cullenberg Office: 909-787-5037, ext. 1573
Department of Economics Fax: 909-787-5685
University of California Email: stephen.cullenberg@ucr.edu
Riverside, CA 92521 http://www.ucr.edu/CHSS/depts/econ/sc.htm

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