[OPE-L:2614] Re: Critique

From: Gerald Levy (glevy@PRATT.EDU)
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 22:06:09 EST

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A short addendum to [2613]:

We continue to disagree over whether our perspective should be, and
whether Marx's perspective was, anti-definitional. I would say that even
where we reject the definitions of political economy, we must as part of
the process of understanding and presenting (our own alternative) theory
advance definitions.

I think this disagreement stems from our different understandings of the
role of critique of political economy in Marx's theory. It is true, of
course, that classical political economy advanced definitions and many of
these definitions were mistaken and fetishistic, but this does not mean
that an attempt to define terms was one of their failings. Just because
they advanced definitions, in other words, is no justification for an
anti-definitional stance on our part.

In solidarity, Jerry

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