[OPE-L:2590] Re: Re: Marxian critique of the theory of comparative advantages

From: Anders Ekeland (anders.ekeland@online.no)
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 07:31:09 EST

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Thanks to everybody for the interest and references.

Let me add one of my own:

Marc Linder (with Julius Sensat Jr), Anti-Samuelson, Urizen books, 1977,
Vol 2,
There are chapters dealing with several aspects of comp.adv. and related
issues, see chap. 23 - 27
(this english version is a condensed edition of a four volume German
edition from 1974, wich probably has a even more detailed refutation of all
kinds of comp.adv. and Hecksher-Ohlin-Samuelson kind of thinking.

Duncan Fooley forwarded my e-mail to Anwar Shaik, who sendt me the
following references in addition to his calssical Science and Society

----------------- from Anwar Shaikh -------------
"Free Trade, Unemployment and Economic Policy", in Global Unemployment,
John Eatwell (ed.), M.E. Sharpe 1995.

You will also find downloadable copies of my more recent work on the
subject on my faculty homepage at


This also has downloadable copies of my more recent work on the subject
in the form of articles entitled

Understanding the U.S. Trade Deficit.(1999) - Testimony before the
Trade Deficit Review
                         Commision. Washington, D.C. December, 1999

Real Exchange Rates and The International Mobility of Capital (1999) -
Working Paper No.
                         265, The Jerome Levy Economics Institute of
Bard College

Explaining Long-Term Exchange Rate Behavior in the United States and
                         Working Paper No. 250, The Jerome Levy
Economics Institute of Bard College.

---------------------------- end ----------------------------

Anders Ekeland

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