[OPE-L:2578] Re: Critique

From: Gerald Levy (glevy@PRATT.EDU)
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 11:32:21 EST

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RE Andrew's [OPE-L:2577]:

> It is not my job to correct things that are erroneously attributed to me.
> I suggest that people refrain from attributing things to me if they are
> unable to produce the evidence that I've said it. That I may in
> principle be able to correct the error does not absolve one of having
> engaged in false attribution.

I leave others to decide whether there has been "false attribution". I
will only refer the reader to my [2576] and Andrew's [2563] and note
the following quotes from [2563]:

"...for Marx, criticism is the *method* of comprehending capitalism ...."

"Rather the commodity itself is a fetish in the strict and original sense
of the term, a thing that has un-thingly power."

"... the commodity-fetish has more developed subsidiary forms,
money-fetish, capital-fetish, etc. ...."

In solidarity, Jerry

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