[OPE-L:2542] Marxian critique of the theory of comparative advantages

From: Anders Ekeland (anders.ekeland@online.no)
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 06:04:46 EST

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In the aftermath of Seattle there has erupted a discussion on the theory of
comparative advantages in Norway. It is now taking a more theoretical turn.
It is the economist establishment versus the radical economists.

I was asked to contribute to the debate, but I had to admit that besides an
excellent article by Anwahr Shaik in Science and Society amny years ago, I
had read very little on this subject from a marxian/radical/heterodox point
of view. And I did not find Shaiks article in my - not so well organised
archives. Does anybody have the reference to that article.

I would be very grateful if people could give me references to the most
important articles and books discussing the theory of comparative
advantages from a marxian/radical point of view.

Thanks in advance
Anders Ekeland


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