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Here's the session list and details of the Association For Heterodox
Economics conference at the end of June in London





        344-354 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8BP

        Tuesday-Wednesday, 27-28 June 2000




1. Getting to The Open University Conference Centre: see the enclosed flyer
and map.

2. All sessions will be in Rooms 1, 2, and 7. Registration will be in the
foyer as you enter the Conference Centre.

3. Each paper is scheduled for 20-25 minutes and there will be 20-30 minutes
for discussion. Each room will be supplied with flipcharts and overhead

4. The chairperson oversees the session and is to make sure that the
presenter does not over-run their allocated time.

5. Each presenter should bring at least 5 copies of his/her paper to the
Conference. Each presenter should also send a copy of their paper to the
chairperson of their session.

6. There will be a poster session on the first day. There will be eight
presenters who will have put on one or two poster boards the essential
points of their papers. The conference participants are encouraged to
attend the session, examine the posters and engage the presenters in
discussion and with questions.

7. The poster boards and other material for the poster session will be
available during the morning and from 1.00 to 2.00 p.m. in Room 1.

8. There will be two plenary sessions at the end of each day. Because it
takes time to set up the room for the plenary session, there will be a 55
minute break between the last session and the plenary session. There is a
conference pub where participants can socialise: Lucas Arms on Grays Inn

9. Meals will not be provided by the Conference, except for the dinner on
the first night--see below. The Kings Cross area has many places to eat, so
you need not go far to get a meal.
10. There will be a dinner on Tuesday 27 June 2000 starting at 8.30 p.m.
Tickets are required and have to bought ahead of time. The restaurant is
very close to the Conference Centre.

11. Book publishers will be present at the Conference.

12. The Conference is supported by the Conference of Socialist Economists,
the Post Keynesian Economics Study Group, and the International Working
Group on Value Theory.


        June 27, 2000

8.30 - 4.00 Registration

9.00 - 10.35 Session A Global Political Economy and Room 1
                                         Development: Finance

                        Chairperson: Iraj Seyf (Staffordshire University)

     Wendy Olsen (University of Bradford), "The Subversion of Cooperation by
Capitalist Monetary Theory: Case Studies from Various Locations"

        Rebecca Coke (University of the Philippines), "Financial Shocks and Credit
Flows: Microfinance Lending Patterns in Philippine Institutions"

        Alfredo Saad Filho (South Bank University) and Maria Amarante P. Baracho
(Fundacao Joao Pinheiro), "Financing Development: The State and the
Financial System Under Import Substituting Industrialisation in Brazil"

                        Session B Microeconomics: Markets and Room 2

                        Chairperson: Gary Slater (University of Leeds)

        Robert Burns (University of Massachusetts-Amherst), "A Marxian Theory of

     Stephen Merrett (SOAS), "Objects or Subjects? Behaviourial Studies of
the Domestic Demand for Water Services in Africa"

     Geoffrey Whittam (University of Paisley) and Mike Danson (University of
Paisley), "Power and the Spirit of Clustering"

                        Session C Heterodox Political Economy: Room 7
                                         Public Finance

                        Chairperson: Fieke van der Lecq (ESB)

         Michael Keaney (Glasgow Caledonian University), "The Consumption of the
State: Private Finance, Public Procurement, and the Slow Death of Local

        Sergio Cesaratto (University of Roma), "Pension Systems and Economic
Analysis: A non-orthodox view"

     J. Laramie (Merrimack College) and Douglas Mair (Heriot-Watt
University), "A Dynamic Theory of Taxation"

10.35 - 11.00 Tea/Coffee/Juice

11.00 - 1.00 Session D Methodology, Economic History Room 1
                                         and Economics Thought: History
                          and Method

                        Chairperson: Paul Downward (Staffordshire

        Colin Ash (University of Reading), "Buddhist Economics: Scope and Method"

     Siobhain McGovern (Dublin City University), "When is a School not a
School? The case of utility theory in early Irish political economy"

     Alistair Dow (Glasgow Caledonian University), Sheila Dow (University of
Stirling), and Alan Hutton (Glasgow Caledonian University), "Political
Economy and Applied Economics: The Scottish tradition in the twentieth

         Andy Denis (City University), "Was Hayek a Panglossian Evolutionary
Theorist? A reply to Whitman"

        Thomas Boylan (NUI-Galway) and Paschal O'Gorman (NUI-Galway), "Can
Economists Learn from Experience? Critical reflections on Hausman's
Economic Methodology"

                        Session E Foundations of Heterodox Room 2

                        Chairperson: David Spencer (University of Leeds)

     Guglielmo Davanzati (University di Lecce) and Riccardo Realfonzo
(University of Sannio), "The Cycle in a Monetary Theory of Production: Do
the dynamics of income distribution affect growth?"

        Vivian Walsh (Muhlenberg College), "Rationality in the Second Phase of the
Classical Revival"

     Jesper Jesperson (University of Roskilde), "Macroeconomic Methodology:
The Fallacy of Composition in General Equilibrium Models"

     Peter Nielsen (University of Roskilde), "New Conditions for Critical
Economics--From the Critique of Political Economy to Heterodox Economics"

                        Session F Environment, Regulation, and Room 7
                          Economic Policy

                        Chairperson: Stephen Merrett (SOAS)

     Domenica Tropeano (University of Macerata), "The Tobin Tax Revisited in
the Light of Recent Events"

        Mark Baimbridge (University of Bradford), Brian Burkitt (University of
Bradford), and Philip Whyman (University of Central Lancashire), "A
Post-Keynesian Strategy for an Independent UK Economy"

     Rachel Hilliard (The Queen's University of Belfast), "Environmental
Regulation and Industrial Competitiveness: A new theoretical framework"

     Don Goldstein (Allegheny College), "What Environmental Management Tells
Us About Theories of the Firm"

1.00 - 2.00 Lunch

2.00 - 3.35 Session G Poster Session Room 1

         Jean-Guy Loranger, "A Profit-Rate Invariant Solution to the Marxian
Transformation Problem"

         Florent Gabriel, "The Modernity of Labour Value Theory"

     Colin Ash (University of Reading), "Social-Self-Interest"

         Robert McMaster (University of Aberdeen) and Craig Watkins (University of
Aberdeen), "The Economics of Housing: Ely and the 'Colombia School'

     Brendan Sheehan (Leeds Metropolitan University), "Keynes on Money Wage
Cuts, Effective Demand, and Employment"

         Nikolaos Karagiannis (St. John's University), "Developmental State: A
coherent theory and a realistic development package"

     Paolo Giussani, "Electronic Money?"

         Masaaki Yoshida (University of Hertfordshire), "A New Architecture for
the Economics of Complexity"

                        Session H Heterodox Political Economy Room 2

               Chairperson: Frederic S. Lee (De Montfort

          Theo van de Klundert and Fieke van der Lecq (ESB), "The Civil Society:
Can it last?"

         Paolo Ramazzotti (Universita di Macerata), "Hierarchically Arranged
Institutions and Knowledge-Based Power"

        David Harvie (Nottingham Trent University), "Alienation, Class and
Enclosure in UK Universities"

                        Session I Foundations of Heterodox Room 7
                          Economics: Profits and

                        Chairperson: Robert Burns (University of

        Paresh Chattopadhyay (University of Quebec at Montreal), "Capital, the
Progenitor of Socialism: Progress as the Dialectic of Negativity in the
Critique of Political Economy"

        Enrico Bellino (Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), "On Sraffa's
Standard Commodity as Invariable Measure of Value"

        Takeshi Nakatani (Kobe University), "Profit Squeeze and Competitive

3.35 - 4.00 Tea/Coffee/Juice

4.00 - 5.35 Session J Methodology, Economic Room 1
                          History and Economic Thought:
                          Critical Realism

                        Chairperson: Paul Downward (Staffordshire

     John Finch (University of Aberdeen) and Robert McMaster (University of
Aberdeen), "Critical Realism and Non-Parametric Analysis"

     Andrew Brown (University of East London), David Spencer (University of
Leeds), and Gary Slater (University of Leeds) "Drive to Abstraction?
Critical realism and the search for the 'inner connection' of capital"

        Brian Pinkstone (University of Western Sydney), "Persistent Demi-regs and
Robust Tendencies: Critical realism and the Singer-Prebisch thesis"

                        Session K Global Political Economy and Room 2
                          Development: Globalisation

                        Chairperson: Clark Everling (SUNY Empire State

        Jim Kincaid (University of Leeds), "Uneven Accumulation and the Rate of
Profit in Marxist Political Economy"

        Grazia Ietto-Gillies (South Bank University), "What Role for Multinationals
in the New Theories of International Trade and Location?"

        Bruce Cronin (Massey University), "Classical Themes in Overseas Direct

                        Session L Microeconomics: Rationality Room 7
                          and the Individual

                        Chairperson: Alan Hutton (Glasgow Caledonian

        Bruce Philp (Manchester Metropolitan University), "The Determination of
Working Hours: The Limits of Rational Choice Theory"

     Jane Powell (University of Wolverhampton) and Geoff Heath
(Staffordshire University), "Mainstream Health Economics, Rationalism and
the Allocation of Resources: Some Critical Observations"

         Ermanno Tortia (University of Ferrara), "Proposals for Institutional
Mechanisms Aiming at a Solution to the Problem of Distorted and Inefficient
Accumulation of Capital in Workers' Co-operatives"

5.35 - 6.30 Break

6.30 - 8.00 Plenary Session Rooms 1-2

                        Welcoming: Neil Costello (Open University)

                        Chairperson: Frederic Lee (De Montfort

                        Speaker: Paul Omerod

               Topic: The Death of Economics Revisited

8.30-10.30 dinner--by ticket only

        June 28, 2000

8.30 - 1:00 Registration

9.00 - 10.35 Session M Global Political Economy Room 1
                          and Development:
                          International Capitalism

                        Chairperson: Rebecca Coke (University of the

     Iraj Seyf (Staffordshire University), "'Adjusting' the Structure of
Globalising Poverty?"

        Clark Everling (SUNY Empire State College), "International Capitalism: The
Economics of Politics and the Politics of Economics"

        Alan Freeman (University of Greenwich), "Globalisation as Self-Defeating
Process: Why capital fails the capitalists"

                        Session N Methodology, Economic History Room 2
                          and Economic Thought: History
                          and Method

                        Chairperson: Paul Downward (Staffordshire

     Neville Morley (University of Bristol), "'Gods as Inputs and Outputs':
Economics and antiquity"

     Sasan Fayazmanesh (California State University-Fresno), "Money and

     Margarita Baranano Cid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), "Veblen's
Revolt Against the Homo Oeconomicus of the Received Economics as an Open
Door to the Foundation of Institutionalist Economics and Economic Sociology

                        Session O Monetary Theory: Money and Room 7

                        Chairperson: Jan Toporowski (South Bank University)

        Luis Alberto Alonso Gonzalez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and
Alfonso Palacio Vera (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), "Monetary Policy,
Taylor's Rule and Endogenous Fluctuations"

     Louis-Philippe Rochon (Kalamazoo College), "A
Horizontalist/circuitist Theory of Banks: Uncertainty, Creditworthiness,
Adequacy Ratios and the Supply of Credit"

     Geoff Tily (University College London), "The Inadequacy of Empirical
Evidence for the Long Run Neutrality of Money"

10.35 - 11.00 Tea/Coffee/Juice

11.00 - 1.00 Session P Pedagogy and Neoclassical Room 1

                        Chairperson: Paul Downward (Staffordshire

     Nitasha Kaul (University of Hull), "'Who is Outside the Economy?' (and

     Brendan Sheehan (Leeds Metropolitan University), "Joan Robinson's
Theory of Employment"

     Steve Cohn (University of Massachusetts-Amherst), "Telling Other
Stories: Heterodox Critiques of Introductory Economics Texts"

     Peter Davies (Staffordshire University), "Interaction as a Basis for
the Design of Economics Curricula"

                        Session Q Microeconomics: Applied Room 2

                        Chairperson: Andrew Trigg (Open University)

     Neil Costello (Open University), "Incorporating Change in High-tech
Small and Medium-Sized Firms"

     Margherita Turvani (University of Venice), "Mismatch by Design: The
make or buy of human resources in the innovative capabilities of the firm"

        Russell Smith (University of Wales Institute), "Long-Run Technological
Change: An institutionalist perspective"

        Helke Soenen (Centre for Economic Studies), "Studying Undocumented
Workers in Brussels"

                        Session R Heterodox Political Economy: Room 7
                          J. K.Galbraith and Capitalism

                        Chairperson: Michael Keaney (Glasgow Caledonian

     Stephen Dunn (National Health Services), "Galbraith, Uncertainty and
the Modern Corporation"

     Kyle Bruce (University of Queensland), "The Making of a Heterodox
Economist: The Impact of Henry S. Dennison on the Economic Thought of John
Kenneth Galbraith"

        Frances Hutchinson (University of Bradford) and Mary Mellor (University of
Northumbria), "Understanding Capitalism as the Road to Socialism"

         Massimo De Angelis (University of East London), "Social Individuals,
Economic Institutions and Socio-Economic Change: A conceptual framework"

1.00 - 2.00 Lunch

2.00 - 3.35 Session S Foundations of Heterodox Room 1
                          Economics: Capital and

                        Chairperson: Bruce Philp (Manchester Metropolitan

        C. J. Arthur, "Capital in General and Marx's 'Capital'"

        Andrew Kliman (Pace University) and Anne Jaclard, "Dunayevskaya's Concept
of 'Marx's Marxism' and the Value Theory Debate"

        Paul Zarembka (SUNY-Buffalo), "Accumulation of Capital, Its Definition: A
century after Lenin and Luxemburg"

                        Session T Heterodox Political Economy: Room 2
                          Prices and Unemployment

                        Chairperson: Frederic S. Lee (De Montfort

     Antonella Stirati (University of Siena), "Inflation, Unemployment and
'Hysteresis': A Classical approach"

     Diego Guerrero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), "Unemployment,
Keynesianism and the Labour Theory of Value"

     Michael Bernstein (University of California-San Diego), "Market-Limited
Growth and 20th Century Economic History: Rethinking Economic Stagnation in
the American Case"

                        Session U Monetary Theory: Finance Room 7
                          and Speculation

                        Chairperson: Geoff Tily (University College London)

     Jan Toporowski (South Bank University), "Disturbing the Slumber:
Critical Theories of Finance in the Twentieth Century"

        Ted Winslow (York University), "Keynes on Speculation and the Speculative
Demand for Money"

        Dick Bryan (University of Sydney), Michael Rafferty (Centre for Banking and
Finance), and Neil Ackland (NSW Department of Housing), "Financial
Derivatives and Marxian Value Theory"

3.35 - 4.30 Tea/Coffee/Juice

4.30 - 6.00 Plenary Session

                        Chairperson: Andrew Trigg (Open University)

                        Speakers: Victoria Chick (University College

                             John Grahl (University of North

               Topic: Should the U.K. join the European
                             single currency





        344-354 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8BP

        Tuesday-Wednesday, 27-28 June 2000





E-mail address_________________________________________________


        Preregistration fees must be received by 5 June 5 2000. On-site
registration fee is 40.00. On-site registration fee for post-graduate
student is 20.00.

Preregistration Fee......................... 30.00 _________

Preregistration fee for post-graduate
  student................................... 15.00 _________

Dinner (Tuesday 27 June).................... 20.00 _________

Total Enclosed.............................. _________

IMPORTANT: Make checks payable to IWW-AHE Fringe Conference.
Return the registration form and check by 5 June 2000 to

                Dr. Frederic S. Lee
                Department of Economics
                De Montfort University
                The Gateway
                Leicester LE1 9BH

Registration Confirmation: confirmation will be sent upon receipt of the
registration form and payment.


Participants should make their own arrangements for accommodation, but the
following information may be of assistance.

Shaw Park Plaza Hotel
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Tel +44 (0)20-76669000
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Rooms 145.00-155.00
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