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Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 00:43:14 EST

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Thanks for the info on Margaret Fay, John. BTW, I've always had great
admiration for the contributions of Holloway and Picciotto to the "state
debate," and I learned a lot from them.

Andrew Kliman

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: In Opel 2525, Andrew Kliman says:
: "Finally, I'm sorry but I don't know anything more about Margaret Fay."
: Margaret was part of the group that produced the journal Kapitalistate
: the 1970s and has (I seem to remember) some articles on the state in
: journal. She was, I think, active in Bay Area Marxist debates at that
: She died about 1979/ 1980.
: I'm sure other people know more details.
: John Holloway

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