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From: Patrick L. Mason (pmason@garnet.acns.fsu.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 11:14:02 EST

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I take it that an "evolutionary, scientistic, positivist notion of
'Marxism'" is to be considered "bad." If so, why?

At 11:39 PM 3/14/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Paul (Z, OPE-L 2510) is right. This was discussed on this list several
>years ago. My memory is a bit fuzzy these days, but the story is
>something like this: Marx's papers were in the hands of the Avelings.
>Aveling wrote a book, _The Student's Darwin_ or something like that, that
>he wanted to dedicate to Darwin. He wrote to Darwin and sent a copy of
>the book. Darwin wrote back thanking him for the book and declining the
>offer of dedication. This letter got mixed in with Marx's papers and
>that's the beginning of the myth.
>But of course there's more to it than that. The myth was perpetuated
>because it conformed to a prevalent evolutionist, scientistic, positivist
>notion of "Marxism."
>The whole episode was exposed by Margaret Fay, writing in Monthly Review,
>I think, maybe about 20-25 years ago. I can't remember any more details.
>BTW, the way I always heard the myth was that it was *Vol. I* that Marx
>wanted to dedicate to Darwin.
>Andrew Kliman
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>: I read somewhere that this whole thing about Marx wanting to dedicate
>: Capital to Darwin is bogus. I cannot remember where I read it but it
>: sounded convincing. Paul
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>: Alejandro Ramos <aramos@btl.net> said, on 03/14/00 at 10:02 PM:
>: >Dear Patrick and Steve:
>: >According to Draper's Chronology (M&E Cyclopedia, I, p. 189), Marx
>sent a
>: >copy of the 2nd edition of Capital I to Darwin on Sept 25, 1873.
>: >replied on Oct 1st. He also sent a copy to Spencer.
>: >Unfortunately, I don't have a good collection of Marx's letters but
>: >sure you can trace Marx's letter easily. I have a Spanish version of
>: >Darwin's letter which is, as traditionally believed, a polite one.
>: >It seems also that Marx wanted to dedicate the 2nd Volume of Capital
>: >Darwin but he declined the honour for religious concerns.
>: >By the way, Marx died on March 14, 117 years ago.
>: >Alejandro
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>: >>I heard the same, with detail about Marx sending Darwin a copy of
>: >>and receiving a polite letter back. I'll go offline and see if I can
>: >>the gist--hopefully someone will beat me to it though!
>: >>
>: >>Steve
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>: >>>OPE-Lers:
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>: >>>Somewhere, sometime, someplace, I remember reading about or hearing
>: >>>the relationship between Marx and Darwin. Does anyone have a
>: >>>handy?
>: >>>
>: >>>I ask because I am a co-author on a paper where racial identity and
>: >>>are endogenous variables. The formal model is an application of
>: >>>evolutionary game theory. I'd be happy to forward the paper (e-mail)
>to any
>: >>>interested person(s).
>: >>>
>: >>>Thanks, patrick l mason

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