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Theories of Productive and Unproductive Labour
Friday 09:00
*Marx's Concept of Service and the Criticism of Say's Law: The Japanese
Controversy Regarding Productive and Unproductive Labour
        Takuya Sato, Chuo University,Japan
*Productive and Unproductive Labor in the US Economy: Does the Distinction
Matter? A reply to Houston and Laibman
        Simon Mohun, Queen Mary College,UK
*The concept of unproductive labour in Ricardo, Smith and Marx
        Ghollam Nasseri, Greenwich University,UK
*Why Value Theory is Necessary. The Relationship Between Production and
Circulation, and the Japanese Unoist Position.
        Koichiro Azuma, Metropolitan Technical Junior College, Tokyo,Japan

Debates in disequilibrium economics I
Friday 11:00
*Determination of Market Value Within a Framework of Structural Medium-Run
        Abelardo Mariña Flores, Economia Universidad Autonoma
*Relationship between value theory and price theory
        Yasuhiko Yoneda, Chuo University, Tokyo,Japan
*The Determination of Constant Capital in the Case of a Change in the Value
of the Means of Production
        Fred Moseley, Mount Holyoke College,USA

Debates in disequilibrium economics II
Friday 14:00
*Desarrollo desigual y competetividad ("Unequal development and
        Alejandro Valle Baeza, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México,Mexico
*Prix de production, égalisation des taux de profit et régulation
macroéconomique: observations méthodologiques et épistémologiques.
        Alain Hersovici, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo,Mexico
*Rethinking Demand: A Non-Equilibrium Approach to Value and Price
        David Kristjansen, University of Massachussetts,USA

 Money, value and capital: issues in the foundations of Value
Friday 16:00
*Rotación de capital y selección de técnicas en el modelo Multisectorial de
producción lineal y en el esquema Marxista de producción basado en la
Teoría del Valor Trabajo
        Luis Kato Maldonado, Economia Universidad Autonoma
*Simple Commodity Production: the 'logical-historical' approach and Engels'
reading of Capital: a critique and a proposal
        Mario Robles Baez, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana--Xochimilco,Mexico
*The conceptual basis of a Marxist analysis of the international monetary
        Claus Magno Germer, Universidade Federal do Parana,Brasil

The profit rate and the world economy today
Saturday 09:00
*New paradigm' or New World Order? The return of classical imperialism and
the dynamics of the US boom
        Alan Freeman, University of Greenwich,UK
*Structural Change and Profitability Trends in the Mexican Economy
        Etelberto Ortiz Cruz, Universidad Autonomo de Mexico,Mexico
*The Hound of the Baskervilles: Natural Resources in Marx's Explanation of
the Falling Rate of Profit
        Howard Petith, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,Spain

Classics and moderns: Marx, Ricardo and the Surplus
Approach School
Saturday 11:00
*La variable independiente en la teoría clásica de los precios
        Edith Klimovsky, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana,Brasil
*Sraffa,value, and time
        Ajit Sinha, LBS National Academy of Administration,INDIA
*Surplus School and Marx: On Garegnani's Marx Reading
        Paresh Chattopadhyay, Universite de Quebec a Montreal,Canada

Power, politics and economic theory I
Saturday 14:00
*Commodities and Social Equilibrium: The Perspectives of Say, Proudhon, and
        Clark Everling, Empire State College/SUNY,USA
*Radical political economy and the theory ofcontracts: towards a one and
only view of the origins and functions of hierarchy?
        Bruno Tinel, Centre Walras,France
*The Labor Theory of Value and the Strategic Nature of Alienation
        Carl Wennerlind, Elon College,USA

 Power, politics and economic theory II
Saturday 16:00
*Is it time to finally take Dr Kalecki's rational planning medicine?
        Nick Potts, Southampton University,Britain
*La concurrence sur le marché du travail au regard de quelques débats
récents sur le pouvoir
        Bruno Tinel, Centre Walras,France
*Labour-power and the Value-form
        Phil Dunn, Independent,Britain

Guest Papers
*Macroeconomics equilibrium structure
        Emilio Jose Chaves, Independent Economist,Colombia

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