[OPE-L:2417] Re: RE: Profit rate and profit share

From: Andrew Brown (A.N.Brown@uel.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 10:55:18 EST

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To stress, once again, it's a conceptual mine-field, but nevertheless
Fine et al's 1999 critique of Brenner in C&C does, in some very
significant sense, explicitly question the importance of the Brenner's
aggregate profit rate figures, and, indeed, the general relevance of the
current profit rate to investment decisions. Clarke's brief summary of
his position in response to Brenner in Historical Materialism also
makes the point. Of course, Fine's earlier work and Clarke's
1994(ish) book on Marx's crisis theory give the detail. (eg. the TRPF
as an abstract theory of economic cycles and technical change;
Clarke's downplaying of the TFRP altogether. But i haven't read the
early work recently or carefully).

ps i said Dunne's introduction was 'quite good'. On reflection i think it
is 'very' good!

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