[OPE-L:2416] RE: Profit rate and profit share

From: P.J.Wells@open.ac.uk
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 10:29:22 EST

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This too is very helpful -- I hadn't realised that Fine and Clarke are/were
sceptics here: can you suggest references?


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> Julian,
> Thanks alot for the reply. I look forward very much to hearing more
> as your work progresses. Hadn't heard of Walker's contribution. He
> seems to have changed his tune on the importance of the profit rate;
> his 1999 'against the current' article fully endorses Brenner's focus
> upon that rate. Fine et al and Simon Clarke would seem to count as
> two of the most prominent dissenters from Brenner's view that the
> magnitude of the profit rate is central - but, then again, it's a
> conceptual mine-field.
> Andy

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