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This is a fuller announcement about the new issue of _Historical
Materialism_ that Mike L (now en route to Havana?) sent us information
about not long ago./In solidarity, Jerry

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r e s e a r c h i n c r i t i c a l m a r x i s t t h e o r y

"Historical Materialism is already among the most highly regarded journals
in Marxian theory published in any language. In an age of increasing
specialization, it is committed to high quality articles from across a broad
range of disciplines. If a resurgence of Marxian thinking occurs in the
twenty-first century, Historical Materialism will deserve a good part of the

 Tony Smith (author, Dialectical Social Theory and its Critics, 1993)

Issue 4 of Historical Materialism features the long-awaited first part of a
symposium on the recent global economic instabilities and Robert Brenner's
new theory of their historical basis. This unique multidisciplinary debate
brings together some of the world's leading Marxist commentators, including
Alex Callinicos, Guglielmo Carchedi, Simon Clarke, Gerard Dumenil and
Dominique Levy, Chris Harman, David Laibman, Michael Lebowitz, Fred Moseley,
Murray Smith, and Ellen Meiksins Wood. The debate will be concluded in Issue
5 later in the year, featuring further contributions from Werner Bonefeld,
Francois Chesnais, Alan Freeman, Michel Husson, Anwar Shaikh, Tony Smith,
Richard Walker, and John Weeks.

"The birth of Historical Materialism was a major event, not only because it
provides a unique forum for non-sectarian Marxist debate but also because it
represents a change in the wind, a really promising sign of socialist
 Ellen Meiksins Wood (author, Democracy Against Capitalism,1995)

In addition Issue 4 continues the lively and refreshing mix of essays and
reviews that makes Historical Materialism both and essential resource and a
pleasure to read: a fascinating history of the distorted reception of
Lenin's What Is To Be Done? by the late Hal Draper, never before published;
an extended defence by Tony Smith of the Hegelian Marxism revival against
John Rosenthal's recent polemic; and a reviews section that ranges from
British Communism to American pragmatism to Australian trade unionism. At
320 pages this issue of Historical Materialism is our biggest yet - and with
a cover price of £8 and subscriptions for less, incredibly good value. Full
details of how to subscribe can be found below.

"Historical Materialism demonstrates that Marxist analysis is not merely
alive, but thriving again as the contradictions of globalisation generate
economic, social and cultural tensions which mainstream analysis cannot
account for."

 John Weeks (author, A Critique of Neoclassical Economics, 1989)


Symposium: Robert Brenner and the World Crisis (Part 1)
Alex Callinicos: 'Capitalism, Competition and Profits:A Critique of Robert
Brenner's Theory of Crisis'
Gugliemlo Carchedi: 'A Missed Opportunity: Orthodox Versus Marxist Crises
Simon Clarke: 'Capitalist Competition and the Tendency to Overproduction:
Comments on Brenner's "Uneven Development and the Long Downturn"'
Gerard Dumenil and Dominique Levy: 'Brenner on Distribution'
Chris Harman: 'Footnotes and Fallacies: A Comment on Robert Brenner's "The
Economics of Global Turbulence"'
David Laibman: 'Perspectives on Brenner'
Michael A. Lebowitz: 'In Brenner, Everything is Reversed'
Fred Moseley: 'The Decline of the Rate of Profit in the Post-war United
States Economy:Due to Increased Competition or Increased Unproductive
Murray Smith: 'The Necessity of Value Theory:Brenner's Analysis of the "Long
Downturn" and Marx's Theory of Crisis'
Ellen Meiksins Wood: 'Horizontal Relations: A Note on Brenner's Heresy'

Alan Johnson: 'Introduction: Hal Draper: A Biographical Sketch'
Hal Draper: 'The Myth of Lenin's "Concept of Party":Or What They Did to
"What Is To Be Done"'

Tony Smith: 'The Relevance of Systematic Dialetics to Marxism Thought: A
Reply to Rosenthal'

Matthew Worley on Recent British Communist History
Edwin A. Roberts on Praxis American Style
Charles Post on Terence J. Byres
Alan Wald on Michael Lowy
Rick Kuhn on David Peetz

Conference Report
Emma Bircham on 'Historical Materialism and Globalisation' at Warwick, 1999

"Historical Materialism is an excellent journal, providing a unique forum
for serious intellectual work about every aspect of Marxism. The quality of
the first issues surpassed expectations. The journal is essential reading
for anyone with an interest in this field."

 Sean Sayers (author Marxism and Human Nature, 1998)

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Historical Materialism
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- Historical Materialism 1, Winter 1997 -
Ellen Meiksins Wood 'The Non-History of Capitalism' Colin Barker
'Reflections on Two Books by Ellen Wood' Esther Leslie 'Woman&Ware,
Craving&Corpse in Benjamin's Arcades Project' John Weeks 'The Law of Value
and the Analysis of Underdevelopment' Tony Smith 'The Neoclassical and
Marxian Theories of Technology: A Critical Assessment' Michael Lebowitz
'The Silences of Capital' John Holloway 'A Note on Alienation' Peter
Burnham 'Globalisation: States, Markets and Class Relations' Fred Moseley
'The Rate of Profit and Economic Stagnation in the United States Economy'
reviews by Matthew Beaumont on Ernst Bloch, Benno Teschke on Guy Bois, Peter
Linebaugh on Robin Blackburn.

- Historical Materialism 2, Summer 1998 -
China Miéville 'The Conspiracy of Architecture' Gregory Elliott 'Velocities
of Change' Andrew Chitty 'Recognition and Social Relations of Production'
Michael Neary & Graham Taylor 'Marx and the Magic of Money' Paul Burkett 'A
Critique of Neo-Malthusian Marxism' Slavoj Zizek 'Risk Society and its
Discontents' reviews by Geoff Kay on Freeman & Carchedi, Ben Watson on
Adorno & music, Mike Haynes on Popular Violence & the Russian Revolution,
Elmar Altvater on David Harvey, Martin Jenkins on Althusser &
Psychoanalysis, Henning Teschke on the Amsterdam Benjamin Conference,
Esther Leslie.on Walter Benjamin.

- Historical Materialism 3, Spring 1999 -
Sympolium on Leninism and political organisation, featuring: Simon Clarke
'The Populist Roots of Marxism-Leninism' Howard Chodos & Colin Hay 'So the
Party's Over? Marxism and Political Strategy after "the Fall"' John
Molyneux 'How Not To Write About Lenin' Alan Shandro 'Political Action,
Context and Conjuncture: Thinking About Political Organisation' Jonathan
Joseph, 'Realistic Organisation?' Peter Hudis 'Dialectics, the Party, and
the Problem of the New Society: A Marxist-Humanist Perspective' John
Ehrenberg 'Problems of Leninism' Plus Paul Burkett 'A Response to Benton's
Ecological Critique of Marx' Werner Bonefeld The Politics of Novelty
reviews by Michael Lebowitz on Felton Shortall, Gareth Dale on East Germany,
Adrian Budd on Kim Moody, Giles Peaker on John Roberts, Christ Bertram on
Marcus Roberts, Ken Hammond on Gabriel Kolko.


- Historical Materialism 5, Winter 1999 -
The new debate on Brenner: Part 2, including Werner Bonefeld: 'Competion,
Capitalist Crises, & Class' Francois Chesnais: 'Over-Capacity & Finance
Capital' Alan Freeman: 'Crisis & the Poverty of Nations' Michel Husson:
'Surfing on the Long Wave' Anwar Shaikh: 'The Post-War Economic Crisis'
Tony Smith: 'Brenner & Crisis Theory: Issues in Systematic & Historical
Dialectics' Richard Walker: 'Capitalism's Recurrent Self-Criticism' John
Weeks: 'Surfing the Troubled Waters of Global Turbulence' Plus Deborah
Cook, 'Critical Stratagems in Adorno & Habermas' Geoff Kay, 'Abstract
Labour & Capital' Craig Brandist, 'Ethics, Politics & the Potential of
Dialogism' Felton Shortall, 'Reply to Lebowitz' reviews including Noel
Castree on Castells, Gregor Gall on organising labour, John Gubbay on Erik
Olin Wright, Alan Johnson on Third Camp Marxism, Jonathan Joseph on Derrida,
Sean Sayers on late Marx.

Planned for future issues: new work by Andrew Brown Tony Burns Chik
Collins Andrew Kliman Patrick Murray Gert Reuten John Roberts Wal
Suchting Enzo Traverso Jatin Wagle Michael Williams

 Historical Materialism - research in critical marxist theory

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