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From: Gerald Levy (glevy@PRATT.EDU)
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 17:05:44 EST

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I am pleased to announce that David Kristjanson-Gural, a member of the
faculty at UMass-Amherst, has joined our list. He comes *very* highly
recommended from several listmembers (and even a couple of former

In the following he introduces himself to you. The attachments, in
MSWORD, are also explained below.

David K: Welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry
From: David Kristjanson <dkristjanson@econs.umass.edu>

    I have recently received a Ph. D. from the University of Massachusetts,
Amherst, in the area of Marxian Theory. My dissertation was entitled
"Rethinking Demand: A Critique and Reformulation of Marxian Theories of
Price" and was chaired by Stephen Resnick. I have attached an abstract
below. I have recently submitted a paper entitled "Rethinking Demand: a
Non-equilibrium approach to Value and Price" to the RRPE. An abstract of
this paper is also attached. I am currently writing a second paper based
upon research conducted for my dissertation which uses a single industry
model to illustrate the effect of changes in demand on the market-value and
critiques linear production models which define value according to average
conditions of production. The next step will be to use the interpretation
of demand to examine the debates around the "value of money" and recent
monetary interpretations of value and price.

    I have been employed for the last two years as Visiting Lecturer in the
Economics Department at the University of Massachusetts teaching Marxian
Economics, Intro to Political Economy, Labor Economics, Intro to
Microeconomics and History of Thought. I find it particularly satisfying to
teach students about the effects of class conflict in the workplace and
household and the ways in which racial and gender oppressions intersect with
class. Comparing neo-classical and Marxian paradigms within labor economics
or the history of thought is also very eye-opening to many students and
rewarding to me as an instructor.

    Many of the names on the list are familiar to me as a result of the
research I have been conducting. I have had the opportunity to meet many of
you through the International Working Group on Value Theory. I look forward
to the opportunity to contribute to the discussions both on-line and in


David Kristjanson-Gural

David L. Kristjanson-Gural
Visiting Lecturer
Economics Department
University of Massachusetts
Amherst Massachusetts 01003

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